Talk That Talk

Change Your Desires

We all just never have enough time. Time flies so quickly that I didn’t even see it go by and I was forced to skip posting last week!

No honestly I just got lazy. When procrastination has a hold on you it’s so hard to let go because it serenades you till you’re enchanted and the next thing you know it’s 11pm and you haven’t done your homework nor studied for the big test coming up.

I have always been lazy and when I can do nothing at all, I hop on the occasion like a bunny. That explains why I created this blog telling you why it’s not good to be lazy in hopes that these lessons I give will somehow sink in. If they don’t, at least they did for someone else.

Today’s life lesson has nothing to do with laziness though.

I have introduced myself into the world of social media and my, oh my was my life so much simpler before. It all started with haircare, then it was skin care, then it was makeup, then I found myself on Fashionnova trying to get some jeans so I can look bbw!

Youtube has been a great source of inspiration for me when it came to finding myself and the things that I am interested in but it soon became a source of frustration for me. Then the Gram came along and it was a wrap. All these baddies had me rolled up in bed crying. The thing about internet personalities is that these people seem to be more accessible then your Hollywood celebrity so they lead you to think that this is what the girl next door is supposed to look like or live like. You start thinking that you aren’t alive if you don’t have a makeup closet or if you don’t eat photogenic food.

They look like they have all these things falling from the sky and I’m just here. I want these things too! So I start going out and chasing these things. Without asking why. What this causes is unnecessary frustration. By focusing on chasing what you want you lose sight of what you already have so you can’t even appreciate it. And if you are chasing a lifestyle that is not your own, (because you can’t afford it or it’s simply not you) you will talk yourself into believing that you’re unfortunate and that your life sucks when it isn’t true.

I want these things but I don’t need them!

Yes I do

No you don’t

Yes I do

If you find that the things you are chasing are bringing you down, consider changing you desires. Do you really need that lifestyle? Do you really need 100 pairs of shoes? What does ‘slaying on the Gram’ bring to you besides blowing up your ego? What does it bring to other people?

When you focus on what is going right and change the things you can change the rest will simply fall in place. Of course it’s easier to chase something you can’t have than to appreciate what you do have but only then can joy come back.

Teach yourself to accept where you are and work for what you want but only if you truly want it. Not what you think you’re supposed to want.




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