Talk That Talk

What French Poetry Taught Me

I think I have writer’s block. Hiding behind my busy schedule hasn’t been enough to completely disguise my lack of inspiration. When I find time to relax and write what’s on my mind, the page remains blank.

My mind is a white sheet of paper waiting to be printed on. So I look at my product stash, is it time to do my seasonal favourites yet? What about product reviews? How do you want to review products you don’t have.

I don’t understand how I get writers block when I don’t even feel like a writer. There’s nothing specific or extremely exigent here on my blog, it’s a total freestyle but why do I have nothing to say?

All this French poetry I’ve been reading for school should be helping me but it’s really not. Why am I not inspired by the way they describe absinthe and women? At least now I know what absinthe is. I learned something…

Donald Trump is president of the US! I couldn’t write today and not mention that. I am amongst the people who believe that there was not one to save the other during this year’s elections but I think Hilary was more equipped. Politics have never been my cup of tea but I wish Americans Good Luck! They should continue to trust in God because the Donald…

Back to French poetry.

It’s a lot of fun to discover new things about the past and as I’m going to be ‘writing’ on this blog, it’s a great experience to tap into the poetic world and find out what it looked like.

Right now it is looking like my baker’s window on a foggy Sunday. Can’t see nothing.

I always thought that old poetry was just throwing a bunch of words that nobody understands together, dividing them up in stanzas, making it rhyme and boom! There is actually a whole structure to this sane madness.

My favourite part is definitely spotting figures of speech. There are so many and some that we use every day! Then you have to explain the effect of the figure. That’s not the part I prefer the most.

Though I’ve been doing a lot of reading, I still don’t seem to get that inspiration. One thing that this whole experience has taught (and is still teaching) me is that I love to watch performances and sometimes read it but I can’t write it…

How many figures can you spot in this blog post?

Until next week!


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