Talk That Talk

Don’t Stop Running

I feel like life is a race against time! It’s all so hectic…


What comes last?

Do I want it?

I need it but I can’t afford it

Work Work Sleep Repeat

I feel like life is a race against time.

All you have to do is make time

They say you’ll find time for the things you put first


Some of them aren’t even my own

Given to me by life and society

Or life in society

But you have to be somebody

Is success achieved when you stop running?

They say hard work is its own reward and since hard work equals running

I guess I’ll be running my whole life

Maybe that’s what success is


I have to keep running

The more I run the more I’ll have to

Maybe that’s chasing paper, hustling

Keep running

You can’t lose the race

Till your heart stops…

I feel like they all started ahead

Did I get a penalty for being who I am?

What I am

What am I?

Unfortunately unlucky

Cursed by my blessings

Some are sitting in the bleachers sipping on Starbucks

They don’t have to run

Chase that paper



Life is a mini race

Quickly take your time

Till your heart stops…


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