Relaxer Update | September 2016

This blog has been a bit all over the place lately but what initially pushed me to create it was my hair. So today I’m back with a relaxer update.

I got a relaxer on September 1, 2016 after exactly three months.

Breakage is still the devil and though I retained length, I didn’t do it well all over so I ended up trimming a few centimeters off. I wanted to go back to neck length but my mom wasn’t comfortable cutting that much off so I’m slightly longer then shoulder length now. I was not in the mood for any pictures that I could post on here.

I love my new length but breakage is still preventing me from enjoying it.

I have a huge length of very under processed hair from when I was experimenting with texlaxing and maybe it’s the culprit. I’m thinking about doing a corrective relaxer but I’m afraid it will make things worse. Can it get any more worse?

My blood is low on iron so I started taking iron daily, hoping it will also help the breakage. My doctor said it might.

This was also the first time that I didn’t do a long-term protective style during my stretch so that can also be a reason behind all my breakage. I feel like the more I cut, the more my hair breaks so I’m completely over it. I’ve given up trying to get to bra strap length. That goal is too much stress for me.

I’ve been thinking about going natural a lot these days…but will that end all my problems?

This is more of a frustration post but this is how I feel about my hair at the moment. I hope the next update will be a bit more cheery.

Come back next week for a new post!


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