Garnier Loving Blends Argan Oil & Camelia | Review

I’ve been avoiding sulfates for the longest time and though I’ve seen a huge difference since doing so, I have noticed that my hair never really gets as clean as it used to. I decided to call back sulfates and give them a second chance. Since I’ve decided to only use matching shampoos and conditioners because breaking them apart is cruel (and it was buy one et one free), I got the conditioner also. The oil was a gift and all that equals a product review of the whole line.

The Shampoo

It has a thick texture (like most shampoos) and smells really good (like the other products). It works well as a clarifying shampoo but it does dry my hair out so I have to pre-poo before using it unlike my sulfate free shampoos. The only thing I don’t like about this shampoo is that a lot of it comes out at once. 8/10

The Conditioner

It looks creamy and edible but it doesn’t do much for me when it comes to moisture and slip. I had to add argan, olive and castor oil to restore the moisture that the shampoo took away and to get rid of some knots. I think it’s a shame that the conditioner is smaller than the shampoo because with african hair ‘a dime’ is never enough. 5/10

The Oil

The oil is light and transparent. It doesn’t leave too much greasy residue on your hands and it is quickly absorbed with a bit of heat (because I have low porosity hair).It’s not too moisturizing but it is water-free so I can use it on my flat-ironed hair. 7/10

Would I repurchase?

These products are targeted towards my Caucasian sisters so I’m not surprised that I have these complaints but I wish these products were a bit more versatile. They remain good products. I loved the shampoo but since I don’t like the conditioner I don’t think I’ll repurchase this couple. As for the oil, I prefer my Schwarzkopf elixir.

PS: I have relaxed (chemically treated) hair

Have you ever tried any of these? And the mask?



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