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Fizzy Apple Juice & Stalkers | My Trip To Ostend

School is starting over in less than 4 days for me and I just want to enjoy my last days of holiday as much as possible. That’s why I was so excited about my trip to Ostend with the girls. It was my first time going away without adults and it was also my first time being alone with just teenagers for that long. I hate teenagers.

The weather was on point both days which is quite rare here in Belgium so everything was working out for the best. When we got lost a few minutes after arriving, I knew that the next 24 hours were going to be full of adventures and they sure were.

We went to the beach late at night and we noticed a guy following us.

We went back to the hotel and there he was again.

Some teens go out and party hard when they’re alone on the other side of the country but the girls and I decided to hang outside at 1am in our pj’s and drink non-alcoholic champagne which is basically fizzy apple juice in a champagne bottle! That’s the definition of thug life. After a few moments a group of seven well-dressed guys with a pack of beers walk by us and we don’t really pay attention because the apple juice is so good. They eventually come back to talk to us. I could clearly read their impure intentions but the girls and I talked about it. If shit goes south, we attack them all at once. We got this.

The smoker/stalker was still there.

One of the girls tells them that there’s a smoker/stalker following us and these guys decide to engage in a conversation with him. The girls had the fright of their lives when the random smoker/stalker started getting closer. Some girls more than others but we ended up following the first one who stormed back in the hotel.

The first one.

We thought about it later. What if the guys were his partners in crime? His back-up men?

No amount of fizzy juice would’ve given us enough strength to take them on.

This trip was amazing.

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