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3 Tips To Not Lose All You’ve Gained

Working out is really hard.

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It’s even harder for a big energy saver like myself. If you’ve been around for a bit, you know that I started a fitness journey this year and a journey it has been indeed.

Sweat, blood and tears were shed.


It’s summer now and gone are the Monday evening workouts that made me wanna cry just by thinking of them on Monday mornings. I get to sit back and relax while I use my surgery as an excuse to cover up any unnecessary effort saving. How can I work out if I’m still recovering?

Despite all that, I’ve still been trying to be a little bit active because I refuse to throw all the hard work I’ve been putting in my health down the drain! Though gaining weight/losing muscle seem inevitable for me during summer break, these are the things I do to avoid losing it all.

1. Do What You Love!

When I’m bored, I eat. It’s that simple. Only things that I truly enjoy can make me forget that hunger even exists. What is food? The smallest things may have you breaking a sweat in the summer so it can double up as a low intensity workout.

Keep yourself busy and be productive wether you have a job, a blog, a YouTube channel or whatever your passions are (food). Pupils usually have more free time in the summer but when I get on Snapchat, half the stories are videos of teens making sad faces with the caption ‘bored’. You have so much time on your hand and the sky is the limit! How can you be bored? If you have no hobbies, this is the perfect time to discover what you love so get up!

2. Spice it up

Change up your diet by trying veggies and recipes you’ve never heard of or going vegan for a few days. You can try juicing, cleansing, etc. This will add a dose of challenge and adventure to keeping your weight in check. I’m not a nutritionist so if you faint because of lack of certain nutrients it’s all on you but I’ve done so before and I woke up so…

You can do the same with your workouts. Train outside if you’re usually indoors and vice versa. Do a whole routine at the park or try some aquagym! You might make some elderly friends.

3. Stay as close to your usual routine as possible.

If there’s one tip to remember from this post, it’s this one. It will help you not to eat whenever you want because that leads to unnecessary consumption which leads to weight gain. Eat and exercise as you usually would. If keeping the same routine is hard or plain boring, just make a new one for the summer!


Go on a beach holiday at the end of your summer break so you can use that bathing suit as motivation, especially if that’s what you’ve been working for.

Find a way to enjoy your summer in the midst of all this madness. Cherish the good times. Eat, laugh and be useful! I don’t know why but I’m in a ‘kill ’em with kindness’ mood today.



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