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Attacked – What Now?

We have to have a moment of silence. I did it out of respect. The truth is, I don’t even know the use of these little moments. Is it prayer perhaps? It can’t be. I’ll document myself on that later but right now, I’ll keep my mind on the victims. The innocent people that lost their lives in such a brutal way. The headmaster said an old pupil is in a comma, pray for him! Pray? Is God even listening? If he is, why would he listen to me? This isn’t about me, it’s about the victims! Think of them and their loved ones. How terrible this should be… so terrible.. Oh God, please,…


For the first time since yesterday, I felt something about these attacks. As all these thoughts were flooding my head, I slowly sunk in an ocean of sadness. I will probably never completely understand why and how the world has gotten here but what frustrates me the most is all we can do is just sit and watch. That’s all it seems like we’re doing. While the police is busy looking for the third suspect and trying to identify the corpses, they are probably plotting. If only it was as simple as typing ‘how to stop  ISIS’ on Google and finding a Youtube tutorial.

Politicians and specialists are sitting around tables blaming it on lack of integration and education. Others claiming that western countries should have never accepted migrants in the first place. It is turning into a ethnic and/or religious war when we all know that’s not what it is but hey, we have to blame someone, right? Why are there so many of them in Molenbeek? Why do they feel so comfortable in Belgium? It has to be Belgium’s fault! If we had done this or that, this wouldn’t have happened. Why are we sitting around pointing fingers instead of fixing the problem? Do we know how to fix it? Do we even know what the problem is?

We never feel concerned because it always seems far from home but what do we do when it starts to get closer? Run?

Why is that all they are showing on TV anymore? We have to be kept informed, I get that, but why do they have a journalist standing there for hours as if they told him that another attack will occur and he has to get it on tape? The public is terrified, why scare them even more by overdramatizing the situation? Should we really trust the media?

A lot of theories are popping up. I recently read one that links ISIS to the NWO and it sounded legit. A lot of things start to sound legit when you’re unsafe and you’re looking for something to hold on to.

So what happens after this? The cars are being controlled, the militaries (who were there during the attacks) are still standing there, children can’t get out of the school building during recess,… That’s all cute but how long will that last until we get back to our everyday lives and unconsciously wait for the next one? What happens after the Facebook posts disappear from our timelines and the journalists go back to talking about spring veggies?

What’s God’s take on this? It’s at times like these that your faith either becomes your strength or your weakness. We either lean on him to help us carry on, or completely reject him for letting something like this happen. What do we say to someone who asks how their god can let this happen to them?

I have so many more questions and so many debates can get started on them but right now my biggest concern remains the victims and their loved ones. Their lives have been changed forever and I pray that they find the strength to continue.

There are also those that use things like these to get their five minutes of fame but I’ve touched so many topics that I’m not even going to get into that.

Fresh out the brain®. Usually this would go in my diary but…


7 thoughts on “Attacked – What Now?

  1. Hey you, I’ve read your thoughts about the attacks. I was surpised too see that my thoughts were the same as you. The lies of the media, the “too much”, people who stop thinking about what happened when they don’t see it on their televisions anymore,… You say that you have more questions to debate and I would like too know them! Before that, I’d like too know what you would answer if I told you “why does god let it be?”. I think it’s interesting to know what’s your meaning.

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    1. Thank you so much for dropping by!
      The Christian in me wants to say that God gave mankind free will to do what they want and some individuals chose to do evil. I am fully aware that it is not a convincing answer for someone who just lost a loved one or who isn’t a believer. That is why I am still on the hunt for an answer to that question. It has lead me to go back to a more general question ‘why does evil exist?’ What do you think about that? Any theories?


      1. Why does evil exist? That’s a very philosophical question! Because I think that my answer will give another question… So I’ll just answer what I think about evil. I can’t say I’m a real Christian. You know, I’m searching Jesus, I have too many doubts to affirm that I’m Christian. So it’s also complicated for me too make a link between Christianity and evil. Maybe one day, I’ll find my way with Jesus but right now, I’m not sure of anything. For me, just like you, you choose to do evil or the reverse. But how? With your experience of life. If you chose to do evil, you’ll see that anyway what you’re doing, what you got back is evil too. Maybe one day, you can ask this question to yourself “Is it really what I want to be?”. Then, you can change and that make you grow up. I’ve read my text and it just sounds like “not clear at all’ ! I speak french but I saw that you were talking English so I try too but it’s a bit difficult for me too explain what I mean… But maybe, by miracle, you can speak french too?? Otherwise, I will try too explain it better with other words. Thank you too be so quick with your answer!


      2. You’re welcome and oui je parle français. D’ailleurs j’ai un deuxième blog en français que tu retrouveras dans la liste des catégories tout au dessus. Je suis également chrétienne convaincue avec beaucoup de doutes! Tu peux essayer de m’expliquer en français alors? I would like to know more about your interested person.


      3. A vrai dire, quand j’entends cette question, je ne peux m’empêcher de me mettre en réflexion avant de tenter d’y répondre. Qu’est-ce que ça veut dire? Ca veut dire que de mon côté, la réponse n’est pas clair, que je dois encore vivre quelques années pour comprendre pourquoi le mal existe. Ce doit être lié à la question: quel est notre but de vie sur terre? Que voulons-nous retirer de notre existence? On peut prendre des modèles du passé comme exemple ou on peut se créer un modèle imaginaire qui va nous dire quel chemin suivre en fonction des convictions que cette personne avait et en fonction des objectifs qu’il a atteints. Cette personne a-t-elle contribué au bien ou au mal? Ainsi, on peut découvrir, grâce à ce modèle ce que nous souhaitons parcourir durant notre vie. Mais si l’on a pas de modèle particulier et qu’on veut tracer sa propre route, comment savoir ce que l’on souhaite? Je dirais en vivant et en arrêtant de se poser cette question! Ce n’est peut-être qu’à la fin de notre vie qu’on se rendra compte de ce qu’on aura pu apporter à la planète. Et puis, comment répondre à la question “Pourquoi est-ce que le mal existe?” si on ne sait pas ce que c’est? C’est tout de même très subjectif! Je préfère alors me poser cette question personnel, comme je le disais au début: “Qu’est-ce que j’aimerais faire de mon existence? Qu’est-ce que j’aimerais apporter au monde, à mon entourage, à moi-même?”. Je trouve cette question tellement importante et je suis d’avis qu’il est important de se la poser 🙂 Do you understand what I mean?


      4. Yes I understand and I agree. Je trouve qu’il y a certaines choses qu’on qualifierait comme ‘mauvaises’ qui ne le sont pas. Il y a certaines ‘mauvaises’ personnes qui sont comme ça et qui ne s’en rendent même pas compte. Vu que c’est une question philosophique, il n’y pas de certitudes. Mais si on se concentre sur ce qu’on veux représenter sur terre, ce qu’on veux faire de notre existence logiquement il ne devrait pas avoir des dégâts, mais l’être humain a une tendance à tout abîmer. Même dans la vie de tous les jours (ex: les toilettes publiques) C’est un peu comme si on avait tous le mal en nous, certains plus que d’autres. 🙂


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