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Unique years. I’ve had a few of those in my life but not one quite like 2015. I’ve learnt, changed and grown so much this year. I put concrete goals in front of me and have gone out of my way to achieve them the best I could.

Today I want to look back at those goals and see what I did and what I could have done better.

 Find a church

As a child I loathed church. The people got on my nerves and I would have rather stayed home sleeping. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just wear my basketball shorts and a tank top. The tomboy in me just hated doing her hair (that sure did change). The popular girls didn’t make things much better. They walked around as if they owned the church. Most of them did because they were rich kids. I felt like church was about the money. How you dress, what car you drive and more material things. My vision of church was spoiled at a very young age.

Even when I became a disciple, church remained a touchy subject for me. I thought: ‘who needs church if churches aren’t that Christian anyway?’ When I realised the importance of church for a Christian a second problem came about: there are only catholic churches around me and I find them to be awfully boring. Monotone masses don’t inspire me and I also feel like we float around the same subject all year long. We remain in the basics such as loving your neighbour and being kind. Though we can never hear that enough, I feel like we need to take it further for those who need to mature as Christians.

I have not yet found the church but I attend Mass every Sunday with my family. Church is church.

Run 30 minutes non-stop

I did it!!! We are talking about a girl who couldn’t keep a steady pace for more than 5 minutes. Next target will still be 30 minutes but a longer distance.

Share the Word with my friends more

This is a tough one. Like I’ve said before, no teen wants to hear about Jesus. It’s that simple. I still have to find a way to slide things in conversations without being too awkward. I have shared more last year, but not as much as I would have liked.

Read the entire Bible

It didn’t take long for me to realise how unrealistic this goal was. I quickly scratched it off my list. This year, the goal will be to read regularly, without stopping.

Start my blog


Next month is my blog’s first anniversary. I remember being so afraid to do it. I was thinking about readers, maybe a bit too much. I’m glad I started.

This post goes with my latest video.

Goals to add:

  1. Do the splits (oh yeah)
  2. Get full healthy BSL hair
  3. Touch my toes when I bend over with my legs straight (tmi?)


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