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Giving Them A Second Chance

Take a look and see if you missed any of these posts.

This year has been amazing for me as a new blogger. I now know how and what I want to put out there and I feel very comfortable doing it (I’ve also started posting regularly!).

The year has come to an end and I’m using that as an excuse to give my old posts a second chance. Here are 10 posts that I think deserve it…

1. Read This Before You Fast

I share with you some tips and anecdotes from my first fast.

    2. Can’t Save The World

A little letter to myself when I felt like it was my job the save the world.

    3. Own It And Keep Your Head Up

A short and sweet reminder that you have to live with your decisions, not them.

    4. What Does ‘Cette Petite Zed’ mean?

It’s all in the title. Find out what my name means.

    5. My Dream Job : Dirty Hands and Stinky Shoes

I explain why I fell in love with my heavy stinky work shoes.

6. How To See Bae In The Mirror

Get your self-esteem back up, child!

7. The Move: Not Bitter, Just Sweet

This post is very dear to me because it is one of my first attempts to get a bit more personal on the blog even though it remains subtle.

8. Do you fear God? Cause I fear God.

Yet another anecdote turned into a lesson with the help of the Lord.

9. Covered Wounds

This reminds me of the nursery rhymes I used to write in primary school. The only difference is that this rhyme goes deeper then chocolate factories (I’ve always loved chocolate).

10. You Have To Be Super-saved

A letter to those that aren’t super-saved.

Thank you all! I had to start blogging to realise how much I love it and 2016 can only get better.






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