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Challenge Yourself| Hair & Weightloss

We see all these Instagram pictures around. We might double tap, we might type ‘goals’ accompanied by a smiley with hearts instead of eyes. It usually stops there. We never seem to get up and just do it. Though some of these pictures are not what they seem and comparisons can become unhealthy, if we use them correctly they can become a source of inspiration and motivation.

A while ago, I got really frustrated because I was taking such good care of my hair and it just wasn’t growing as fast as I wanted it to. I challenged myself to protective style for six months. Thanks to this challenge I’ve detected the cause of my breakage and am on my way to fixing it. I lost length but I gained wisdom and comprehension.

If you don't trim your damaged ends, they will fall off.

Holidays, holidays. We all are familiar with that time of the year where you eat more, you sleep more and you go out less (that last one was just for me). That is basically all I did last summer and by autumn I had packed on some extra weight. That really affected me and I set up a goal for myself. I did not only want to lose the weight I had added but also an additional 2 kilos to get to a weight I had always wanted but never attained before. Talk about a challenge.

When I started this challenge, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to reach my goal. Losing weight? During Holiday season? Oh no. That didn’t stop me from working hard. From scheduling my meals to tears at the gym, I did it all. I took a huge leap out my comfort zone doing a sport that was appropriate and fruit-bearing but that I didn’t like at all. It’s just body toning but kind of military style but less intense. Let’s say you have a building. My level is the first floor, military exercises are the 64th floor and my body toning class is the 35th floor. I have to go all the way up there, no elevators,  no escalators, just stairs and sometimes a rope.  Every single time I got in there and gave it my all even though I didn’t want to be there has payed off. I see it in the mirror and on the scale. I’ve never been this fit before and this has definitely given me the push I needed to keep going.

Challenge yourself so that you can prove to yourself that you are better then the you from yesterday. Be your own biggest competition. Sometimes challenges bring out issues you don’t know of and solutions you don’t expect. Discover yourself from a different perspective.


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