Relaxer Update| November 2015


I took down my braids a few weeks ago and I relaxed about a week after that. I was so over those braids and I missed my hair.

I have finally got my texlaxing technique down ladies and gents!! My first official texlax was a success but I cancelled it a bit when I relaxed my hair in the summer (oops). Now I can officially say that I am not making that mistake again. I put thirty minutes on my timer and I use regular relaxer instead of super. I apply the relaxer to the middle of my head first because  that’s the coarsest and thickest part of my hair.

Unfortunately I’ve not had the chance nor the time to take clear shots of my texlaxed texture. I will be posting that on Instagram soon. It is harder to straighten but I think that’s my flat iron’s fault.

My ends were still damaged and I just had to cut my hair. Not a nice little trim but a real cut. The overprocessed ends from before my hair journey had no more life left in them. I even did the Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment but sometimes you just can’t hold on *wipestears*. It’s just hair, it will grow and I SHALL get to bra-strap length! I also noticed shorter pieces when I was flat ironing my hair. Those pieces created a gap that is visible in the pictures. One more reason to cut my hair.

Since this is my first time cutting my own hair I decided not to cut all that needed to be cut. I will cut my hair gradually (every relaxer).

 I made a lot of changes to my hair regime and routine and I hope it pays off.

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