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Favourites| Autumn 2015

I think you already know what time it is. Read through to see what I have been loving since my last favourites post. Time sure does fly. I only posted my summer favourites in French because I felt like it wouldn’t be useful to my English readers.


Shower Gels by Klorane

It’s getting a bit colder and my dry skin is getting dryer. These shower gels are just so gentle on your skin, it feels like applying lotion. They are very moisturizing as well. The yellow one has a lovely creamy texture and it looks a bit like satin, while the red one is clear but pink (hope that makes sense). They both smell delightful.

Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1

I’ve had this for quite some time but I’m just now starting to feel a certain way about it. It works well for all three uses (cleanser, scrub and mask) but I tend to use it as a gentle scrub on the days I don’t use my harsher one. One tip I’ve learnt about scrubbing through trial and error is: it’s not about how hard you scrub, it’s about how long you scrub.


If you’re Congolese/ African, you have come across this soap before. It has been around for years and years and everybody uses it. Sometimes we need to step away from all these new products and go back to the classics like Vaseline for example 😀 This antiseptic soap for face and body works really well for oily, acne-prone skin like my own.

Ushuaia Exfoliating Shower Gel with Black Soap and Argan Nut

By using this everyday, I’ve noticed my skin doesn’t peel or shed as frequently as it used to so I don’t need my deep monthly scrub anymore. Less products in my bathroom! I love the smell too.

I have also been liking coconut oil for my hair, skin and as a shaving cream, African black soap for my face and apple cider vinegar as a toner.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

I think I wrote about this last year but it deserves to be re-mentioned. It’s just that good. You get soft moisturized skin for such an affordable price (€ 5.99 as you can see). It works just as well on my skin as the body butters by The Body Shop. The smell is not as glamorous but it does the job.


 Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegetal Soothing Moisturising Cream

Who would have thought that a moisturizer for sensitive skin would be the solution? My mom picked this up for me and at first I was so sceptical because I don’t have sensitive skin. I forgot it was just a label.

Vichy Extraordinary Balm

Used correctly, this can help you banish those chapped lips. Too much of it can be drying (like all lip balms I suppose). I just use it once a day.

Makeup Sponge

My friend/cousin Rose (love her to death, check out her blog and Youtube channel, she’s awesome) gave me a couple of these to me and I love them. It changed the way my foundation and concealer comes out compared to when I apply them with brushes or my fingers. I feel like I get a more flawless finish.

Yves Rocher Zero Defaut Flawless Skin Foundation 14h

The first time I applied this foundation I looked like I was wearing a mask. Now that I’ve developed my technique, I can say that this foundation suits me perfectly. The amount of coverage is sufficient for a natural look but they might have exaggerated with the ’14h’ at the end.

Maybeline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara Cat Eye

I feel like everything I’ve ever used by Maybeline has given me life each and every single time. This mascara is no exception. I have short thin lashes and this gives me that extra boost I need.

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit

My first and favourite brow kit. I can’t really compare it to anything else but I can say that it goes on smoothly and gives you a neat natural look (depending on how much of it you use).

Black Up Concealer Palette

This palette is a brown girl’s dream (or my dream at least). The different colours enable making customized shades, the orange one hides hyperpigmentation really well (that’s why it’s almost gone). I use it for many things from concealing dark circles and acne scars to highlighting and cleaning up my brows. Excuse its state, We’ve had it for a while (it’s my mom’s, like most of this makeup actually 😉 ).


Sleek Makeup Vintage Romance Palette

The palette that is introducing me to the eye shadow game! I love this palette and I am super excited to try different looks with this. It is very pigmented and it stays put all day.

And Finally I have some nail polish. One from The Body Shop in Crimson Kiss and one by Maybeline Color Show 60 seconds in Burgundy Kiss. I am all about kisses when it comes to nail polish this season 😀 and I send all of those kisses to you!

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