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Hey hey

It’s autumn break! That means no school, more going out so more occasions for me to decorate my face. I was recently at DI and they are launching Sleek Makeup products. I had never heard of that brand before. Their products are aimed towards women of colour thus making them more pigmented (the eye shadows for example). The makeup artist gave us a little demo and we were convinced enough to buy the ‘Vintage Romance’ palette.

I got a lot of compliments on this look so I guess we can say I did well for a beginner.

I have to admit that my outfit is not complete (I need to get better at this) but I think it’s a cute ensemble. It makes a really nice outfit for an official event like a wedding in my case. I really did not want to wear tights because my shoes were open and my skirt was pretty long. Crossing my fingers must have worked because we had amazing weather that day.

The location I was at really brought out that autumnal feeling, you know!


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