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Why You Always Lying? Hmm Oh My God!


I’m going to go on little rant here.

I’ve wanted the Red by Kiss Handless Hairdryer for a really long time now. Ever since it came out, I believe. After a long search, I contacted the company and they told me that those dryers were exclusively sold in the USA. I was disappointed. I could have bought it online but shipping from the US to where I live costs more then the dryer itself and I wasn’t about to be spending that kind of money. I eventually gave up the search and started telling myself that I was going to have to better blow drying skills which are a complete catastrophe. My blowouts make me look like a lion and the middle of my head never dries properly. That is partially due to the density of my hair and also because my technique stinks.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom and a friend and just when I was about to pay I spotted a box with a picture of lady holding a dryer with a comb attachment to it. I turned into the emoji who has hearts instead of eyes. I rejoiced saying that all I had to do was to stop looking for it! I just pointed towards the box and my mom seeing how excited I was decided to buy it. I was so happy. The days of spending hours drying my hair, having sore arms, finding random curls in hair that was supposed to be straight, they were all gone!

So I get home ok? This is were the rant kicks in. I didn’t open it immediately because I wanted to take my time. I opened it before going to sleep just so the sight of it could give me sweet dreams. Getting the blow dryer out of the box was a struggle. I remember making fun of myself. Nothing seemed spanking new about the packaging but that didn’t alarm me all that much because judging by the box, it looked like an off-brand to me. I take out a classic nozzle attachment, then the dryer. I see another attachment, it’s probably the comb. I take it out and it’s another nozzle, bruh! One that is longer and narrower, but no comb. I checked the empty box like three times!

I feel very deceived. I should have checked it there but how was I supposed to know. The lady that sold the dryer to us (my friend bought one too) saw how hype we were about the comb and she just sod it to us like that. That’s said. I’m going to return it tomorrow and they better accept it. I have the receipt and errthang! They can’t be deceiving people like that. Sickening.

Update: Two days after the purchase, I went to return the dryer. The salesman ended up explaining that I was supposed to buy the attachment separately. He then proceeded to order it and told me to come back in five days. The whole thing still smells fishy to me. Why is the lady on the box holding it, if it’s not included in the pack? Why doesn’t this company have a website? Why can’t I find anything online referring to this dryer? Why doesn’t it come out of the box looking spanking new?

All these doubts are telling me not to buy it but I bought it anyway. Maybe I’ll be the first to write something about it online. I did a blowout with the dryer on my mom’s weave and it came out flawless. I want to see how it works with attachment on my sister’s natural coily hair. And on mine as well. If it works well for three years, just three years, I will feel like I got my money’s worth. We shall see.

That’s it folks!


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