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Burt’s Bees Anti-Blemish Targeted Spot Treatment Review

I have really bad skin and I had never used a spot treatment before this one so I was really eager to see how this would work for me.

 This product is supposed to help ‘reduce and improve the appearance of blemishes without irritating the skin.’ It should also help with redness and promote healthy skin with its all natural ingredients.

I really liked this treatment. I used it not only on my blemishes but also on my breakouts and it worked just fine. It isn’t an instant product; you will start noticing an improvement in your skin after consistent long-term use. The breakouts would usually reduce significantly after two applications (two nights). The mixture of ingredients definitely does promote lovely skin. I now use tea tree oil (on its own) as a spot treatment and I do prefer Burt’s Bees’ treatment. I think that’s because I get more benefits due to the fact that there are more components. The only issue I might have with this product is it’s availability. My aunt got this one for me from her trip to Canada. Finding it here in Belgium is a bit more difficult.

Side Note: I have dry, oily and acne-prone skin.

That’s it!


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