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The Move: Not Bitter, Just Sweet

It was a sunny day. The sky was clear of any clouds and a flock of birds flew by shaping an arrow pointing towards the North. That’s where Ella was going. After years of sharing a dorm room with a non-pleasant smelling mate she has finally graduated. She can now carry out something she has been planning for the longest time: moving in with her lover.

With a smile stretching from ear to ear she walks out of her building carrying a box that seems as heavy as two feathers. She properly places it on top of a pile of neatly stacked boxes in the back of her lover’s pick up truck. The young woman then takes her seat on the passenger side. She buckles her seat belt while looking back at her building and savouring this bittersweet goodbye.

This is what I naively picture when I evoke moving. A somewhat pleasant process. This was my first time moving with more than just my own personal items. Though it was exciting because I have been hoping to move to a bigger place for a while now, that excitement couldn’t be felt at that moment because it was covered by fatigue.

My uncle, step-brother and a couple of my dad’s friends were helping. I was trying to be as productive as I possibly could be but it was hard for little old unfit me to keep up to a grown fit man’s pace so I ended up just lazing around and pretending I was busy. Doing little things like packing spoons in boxes one by one to kill time while they did the heavy lifting. I particularly enjoyed going back and forth from new to old home because it killed time as well and because I got to rock to and fro in the back of an empty yellow truck.

When we finished moving everything, and all the people were gone, it was just us and the boxes. That’s when I understood that emptying out the old place was not the hardest part. The fatigue I felt was going to become worse and more mental than physical after unpacking. We didn’t even bother trying to fix too many things that evening. Ain’t nobody had time for that! My parents ended up sleeping on a naked bed because they couldn’t find bed sheets (lol). I on the other hand had a mattress and a  purple blanket that I generally use when I watch TV.

So we are in the new house. Everything’s a mess and I’m beginning to wonder if this place will end up feeling like home. I then tell myself that home is not just a place but also the people around you. I’m going to have to get used to the place. The lack of cable and internet definitely helped with that.

As our new place starts to take form, the excitement starts to come back. To think that I now have a room, all to myself! I can decorate, paint and express myself in a different way. I have a space I can call my own. I’m really eager to turn my room into artwork that reflects  all/most of what I am. That’s my favourite part of this whole move: for once I get to have a tearless goodbye because I gained more than I feel I’ve lost.

-kisses and blessings


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