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How To See Bae In The Mirror

We’ve all looked in the mirror and thought: “What is that?” We’ve all admired  a beautiful person and suddenly belittled ourselves after an unnecessary comparison. Self-esteem issues can go very deep but that is not the type I will be addressing in this post. Confidence is not always on a constant level, it fluctuates. Sometimes gets too high and sometimes you’re struggling to stay on that healthy level. In this post, I will be talking about when that confidence is low, the bad days.

The Tips

1. Decide To Love Yourself

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: love is a decision. Say to yourself that no matter how messy your hair looks and no matter how messed up you look or feel, you love you some you! Sure you don’t look like this and you don’t sound like that but you will work towards your goals because you love yourself.

2. Take Care Of Yourself

The fact that you aren’t feeling yourself is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself a bit. Hear me out here. A beautiful manicure or your favourite facial mask can get you feeling some type of way on your not-so-confident days. Why not a full at-home spa treatment if you have the resources needed.

3. Get Over Yourself 

This is my favorite tip. You feel ugly, so what? It can be really easy to over focus on yourself. The human being is self-centered and our society isn’t exactly making things better at this point. Go out and make someone else feel good about themselves. Walk your dog, rub your mum’s feet, compliment a stranger,… I don’t know… Donate some money to researchers developing cures to horrible diseases. There are much bigger problems out there, missy or mister! Making someone happy has a reward you won’t find anywhere else.

There you have it folks, think of me these tips when you feel kinda bad about yourself. Feel free to share what keeps you going on your bad days.


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