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Phone Diaries #1 | Start With What You’ve Got


It’s little me, starting something new. Photography is something that I’ve always done, naturally. I enjoy taking pictures of things and people that inspire and fascinate me. There is far more to it than picking up a camera and taking shots but that’s mostly where it all starts. So let me narrate some of the pictures I’ve been taking lately.

Happy Diwali!

This is the first picture I took with a professional camera about four years ago. This picture has an awkward sentimental value to me for an unknown reason. *taken during a Diwali celebration

Trying To Kill Time

About two weeks ago I had to hang around outside for an hour and a half with a blocked SIM card. It’s a long story but I ended up taking my frustrated self to a coffee shop to kill time. I should have checked the opening hours before leaving.

Roaming In Brussels

Three pictures from my short trip to Brussels. I’ve been living in Belgium for a little while now but still haven’t taken the time to properly discover my location.

Back To Natural

My sister’s transition (stopping chemical straighteners and letting the natural hair grow out) is still going on but she’s not ready to big chop (chop the straight ends off) yet.

Seasonal Fruits

These strawberries were going DOWN. This was dessert after a lovely barbecue. There is nothing better than barbecues and beaches in the summer time (haven’t been to the beach yet though).

Down By The River

Hanging out at the Meuse river in Liege, Belgium with my friend. Hadn’t hung out in three years!! I loved this and I love her.

At The Playground

I wanted to play basketball so bad but I was actually sitting on a bench deeply conversing with another one of my loves.


One for my favourites post that will be up on my french blog soon. I’m not really gonna do those posts in English anymore because I tend to use products that are only available here or that have already been talked about by other English bloggers/youtubers. If I wanna rave about an international product, I do it on Instagram so check me out!

I hope to get a professional camera and some real photography lessons one day but we have to start somewhere. No excuses.

Since this is my first phone diary post I would love feedback. Take some time and leave me a comment or tweet me and a big thanks to those who do!

Thanks for reading!

Tag me on your random phone diaries.


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