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My Dream Job : Dirty Hands and Stinky Shoes

I started my first job last week. I’m working as a workman.

Dressed in an ugly stained T-shirt and ripped jeans (not fashionably ripped though) while I neatly lay paint on walls. The paint loves me so much that won’t let me go. It gets stuck on all my clothes making me wonder if I put more paint on myself than on the walls. It gets into my long nails and  leaves me no choice but to cut them off. Nails that I’ve been trying to grow properly for so long! Can we talk about the heavy work shoes? Making me feel like I just went through a leg workout when I take them off. I have to stop myself from looking inside of them before putting them on because they are NASTY and only God knows the pairs of feet that preceded mine.

This was not the type of job that I sat and dreamed of. Never. I don’t think I would have applied for this job if it wasn’t for my dad. But I really love it. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I’m learning so many things and meeting different kinds of people. It is something I’ve never done before and that’s what’s got me hooked. I’m becoming a better version of myself as I develop skills in categories I never thought I would explore. I’ve come to appreciate the little things like the flowers around my neighborhood. I didn’t know that during the unbearable heat, someone had to be at work at 6 am to water those plants. I am really glad I got this job and even more glad that money will not be the only thing I walk away with from this experience.

This is the part where I talk to you! Yeah, you! Try something different, something you’ve never done before. Step out of your comfort zone. Comfort can be a danger. Do something manly if you’re girly. Do something messy if you’re a neat-freak. Or vice versa. In the worst case, you’ll find out that you don’t like it but that time won’t be lost because it will be a part of your own personal growth. Then you can add that to your bucket list, then check it right off 😉

That’s it from me!


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