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What Does ‘Cette Petite Zed’ mean?

Hey hey!

So I’ve gotten this question a lot and since I am taking the blogging101 course, I thought it would be a great time for me to explain the name.

First things first, the name is in French and it is pronounced ‘set peteet zed’. It means ‘that little Congolese’. The proper word for Congolese in French is ‘Congolaise’ but I used slang because its shorter and more spoken (especially by youngsters).

Why That Name?

Simply because my blog is a platform where I publish anything I want. Anything about me or that is dear to me. Anything that intrigues, interests or troubles me. I could have named my blog ‘Djamila’s Journal” because that’s basically what it is, a journal where I type anything that comes to mind.

I don’t mean to be reduced to just my nationality/origins but ‘that little me’ didn’t sound fancy enough so I chose ‘that little Congolese’. And for extra glamour, I chose French. Well, it came to me in French to be honest, it just wouldn’t be the same in English.

My tagline is a sort of translation of my title.

What do you (honestly) think about my title, folks? Would love to know!


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