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Girls Like Bad Boys

You know when your girl is crazy in love with a dude that’s no good for her? You ask yourself why she doesn’t just leave him. On top of that she has a nice guy willing to offer her the kind of love she deserves but she keeps him as a friend. She calls him when she has no other option or better yet, she hits him with the ‘you’re like a brother to me’ phrase.

Alright, that never really happened to me. It’s more the kind of thing I see in movies. 😉 But it got me thinking about what girls see in these ‘bad boys’. I’ve never been the type to like them but they are a craze for young girls my age. The guy that smokes (everything), drinks, breaks the rules and/or treats you wrongly has a certain appeal that I am obviously blind to. The guy that doesn’t get a lot of attention is too nice, too soft, too this, too that. Don’t they realize that this is probably the type of guy that will stick around for the long run? The bad boy could be an amazing person and he might be going through a phase but don’t these girls see that there is someone worth it out there?

I have to stop immediately because not only am I judging a topic I know little about, but I am not paying attention to the plank in my own eye. I do exactly the same thing when it comes to my relationship with Christ. I put the King on standby so I can chill with his servant. I friend zone the eternal to love a mortal. I prefer to run from the creators love to chase the love of something he created. What? The best part is that He has someone in store for me. So why even waste time chasing when I know that if I stick with God, I will know directly when it’s my ‘bae’.

Like I’ve said many times before, God has got that love that you won’t find anywhere else. We often seek in earthlings things that Jesus has already offered us on silver platters. He is loyal, faithful, understanding, forgiving,… Thinking that he owns the skies and he still wants my heart (hillsong lyrics 😉 ) really humbles me. The day we understand that His love is more than sufficient, then alone will our hearts be at rest and a great part of the things we seek on earth will have little importance to us.

Put God first and everything else will fall in place. (I could end every post with this sentence because it can be used in so many different contexts!!!)

Be Blessed (+stick with the big G O D)


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