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Own It And Keep Your Head Up

imageA few weeks ago I performed for the very first time in front of an audience. The nerves where were extreme during rehearsals but when it was time to perform I was surprisingly calm and excited. When it ended I wanted to do it again. It went by too quickly.

I had no time to think about what I was wearing or what others thought of my clothing. It was just me and my music. I completely forgot that a few moments before, I was in complete panic because I didn’t feel confident in my outfit.

An outfit that I judged ok in front of my mirror suddenly made me feel like a tatterdemalion. Weird, right? When I was alone this outfit seemed cute but a simple opinion made me question everything! I let myself get influenced so effortlessly and it didn’t even matter anymore once I was on stage.

The bottom line is: sometimes you just have to own your decisions and stand firm. You may not always be right but you have to keep your head up and,well, don’t let people rub you in the direction they think you should be taking. This doesn’t mean that you should be stubborn but it means that sometimes nobody knows what’s best for you but God and yourself. Because at the end of the day, the only one that has to deal with your decisions is you.


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