Relaxer Update| May 2015



So I got a relaxer on 2nd May 2015, thank God! My last relaxer was on 6th December 2014. The reason I stretched for so long is because I wanted a lot of new growth for my first texlax and I wanted to see more length retention.

I was initially going for a 6 month stretch but I didn’t want to end up damaging my hair. I started to experience some breakage and my hair was very difficult to style so I relaxed it. The whole point of this hair journey is healthy hair that you love, so if your hair becomes one more problem, solve it!

My first texlax was a success, I think. It was my first time so I didn’t really know what to expect. Some parts of my hair are more processed than others but that’s normal. I’m not really going for a full out curly texture but I will definitely continue to under-process my hair. It’s just healthier that way. I eye-balled a mix of olive oil and castor oil in my relaxer. Click here to see the relaxer I use.


When it comes to length one thing is sure: my hair grows slowly! I’m starting to loose patience here but I don’t really have a choice. I will just focus on healthy hair and length will eventually come. Reminding myself that I had never passed shoulder length before my hair journey helps me keep going. I have been doing the inversion method and it has been helping boost that growth. We’ll see the results next relaxer.

I’ve noticed that my ends are uneven. So after a long stretch, I’m afraid I may have to trim all that length off.

I’m also seeing that my ends are still damaged from before my hair journey. I never actually got a proper hair cut to start afresh. I’m planning to go to a stylist soon but until then I will baby my ends because they are holding on for dear life! I might try specialized treatments like Aphogee or something.

I’m happy with my hair and I’m still going strong. My hair journey’s first anniversary is coming up, stay tuned!

What products do you use on your ends/ to fight breakage? (you can answer me on twitter and instagram @cettepetitezed)


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