5 Crochet Braids Tips

Hello! Today I’m going to share five tips I’ve learnt on installing crochet braids. This style is very easy but missing one of these tips can totally alter your results and make you hate it.


The Tips!

1. Make Your Cornrows Thin

This will help your needle slide smoothly under the braids and it will also help to avoid a bulky look. Don’t make the braids too thin but a medium size is good, especially if you have thick hair like I do.

2. Find Your Best Knotting Technique

There are loads of techniques out there but the results depend on the type of hair that you are using. If it’s your first time installing, research some techniques and try all of them in the beginning until you find the one you are most satisfied with.

3. Take Small Sections Of Extensions

This is a must if you are using slippery extensions. If your sections are too big, the knot will just unravel. Taking small sections also gives it a more natural look.

4. Add Product To Your Extensions

This will make the hair easy to work with and you can separate without causing frizz. Be careful, too much product may make the hair slippery and the knot will…you guessed it..unravel. I recommend Shea Butter.

5. Buy Quality Extensions

Read about my horrible experience here. My extensions were terrible because the quality was so bad. Don’t let low prices blind you like I did.

That’s it folks! I hope this helps someone


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