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Can’t Save The World

I watch them follow and obey their flesh when I know there’s a better way. The way they live, the things they say and do are just heartbreaking. We all have a unique book which is the story of our lives, I know that, but at the end there are only two paths. Their lives would be filled with peace, joy and most importantly love. True love.  Not the kind of love that is a feeling that comes and goes but a love that lasts forever. Love that is a decision and a promise more than it is a (sometimes long lasting) temporary sentiment. A love that quenches your spirit’s most profound thirst. Oh, how I wish they could all be at ease like I am. I’m talking about the kind of serenity that you can’t even understand. When you acknowledge that times might get tough but your roots are held but the most high so even if you start rocking and shaking nothing can uproot you.

Many times I as a new believer am confronted with things and people that make me sad. In most cases it’s because I recognize my old self and sometimes it’s just the disciple in me crying to make new followers. I look at it like this: I was once lost and now not anymore so it would only be selfish of me to keep the good news to myself. Said like that, it’s more being thoughtful than me trying to shove my beliefs down somebody’s throat.

I have been called, by the Son, to share the word. Will they listen? Nobody wants to be told what to do, what to think or what to believe (which is totally normal). We are in a time where walking up to someone and saying something like ‘Jesus loves you’ is not only very insufficient but also weird and cliche. Do I even have the guts to talk about God to a bunch of teens that are just trying to make it through their teen years without messing up their future too much? I mean they don’t care. I just want to open their eyes.

Walking with them and having them notice that there is something different about you is the best way to share the gospel with non-believers in my opinion. You will definitely get a chance to share what you think they should know along the way. With love. Remember the word of God is a hard pill to swallow. You might wanna do it in appropriate circumstances but don’t force people to listen to things they have absolutely no interest in. That depends on the kind of person it is. I personally love starting conversations with people who don’t believe the same things as me just to get me thinking. I love learning, discovering and having constructive discussions. Even disagreements between two believers help me grow as a person. Sometimes God is something people don’t want to think about because it is bigger than us. They just prefer to live because there is nothing God can do for them, they say. They don’t even know what this god we speak of wants from them. There are many reasons why people shrug off any form of ‘religion’. This is a topic that can be debated on for years and years and I’ll probably talk about that in another post.


The bottom line of this post is as much as some of us disciples would love to share our bliss with the whole world, we can’t. There are some people who will never get to accept the love of Christ. Some people will never get it and that’s not our fault! Don’t beat yourself up about it. We all have different lives to live and a mind of our own and it would be very boring if we were all meant to live the same life. We are blessed and cursed with free will. That doesn’t mean we should stop sharing though! The sharing part is our job and the saving part is for the big man himself. Let us continue to love everyone like we love our selfies and share because sharing is caring and we should be alright.


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