Crochet Braids | First Try


I installed crochet braids on my sister about a week ago (shmurda dance) and here are the results (and the braid pattern: I did twelve braids in the front and connected some of them in the back).

Crochet braid patternCrochet braid pattern   Crochet braid patternCrochet braids  image

Crochet braids are a quick and easy protective style. If you want more info there are lots of tutorials on Youtube.

This style took me quite some time (5-6h) to achieve because it was my first time. Despite the simplicity of the style my install did not go very well because of one thing : the extensions.


The ones I used were of terrible quality. They were very slippery so the knots would not hold at all. I ended up having to redo them again and again and again but to no avail. I tried a hundred different knotting techniques but that just made me lose precious time. I should have known that the price was too good to be true.


The curls are nice and defined but once you separate them in order to get smaller pieces they just completely frizz up and you loose all the definition. I tried covering them in leave-in conditioner but that just made them shiny more slippery!

After just a week, I took them down because they looked a mess, they were shedding very bad and of course half of them had already come undone.


I love this style and despite this experience I’ll try it again with better hair.

Buy quality extensions guy!


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