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Favorites | Winter 2014-2015 | #2


Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask Chocolate &   image

This mask does a good job at cleansing my huge pores. I only use it on the oily parts of my face (chin and nose). It is difficult to rinse out so I would advise using it before cleansing. 7/10

Sweet Almond Oil


My skin loves this oil as a moisturizer. I started using it because I ran out of moisturizer but now I think I’m gonna stick with it. I also use it to seal my hair. 10/10

Nivea Creme


A classic that I discovered this winter.I add it on top of my almond oil for extra moisture on the dry areas of my face. It is hard to distribute on the skin but it works. 9/10

Yves Rocher Expert Repair Lotion For Extra Dry Skin


My skin got really dry this winter and my nails started cracking (and if you’re dark skin, you know how embarrassing ashy skin can be) so my mom gave me this hand cream because it worked for her. It is very moisturizing and I really like it even though it leaves your hands a bit oily before it penetrates. (I don’t know if it penetrates or if I just wipe it of on things I touch, haha, either way it works!) 8/10

Hazelnut Oil


I started using this oil on my skin this winter and I absolutely love it. It makes my skin feel so soft and it keeps my skin moisturized all day long. It is heavier than almond oil so this one is strictly for the body. 10/10

Laino Creme Lavante Surgras


I had to switch shower gels too because my skin was so dry ( I would usually use whatever is in the bathroom). This one is mild and I was surprised to find sulfates as an ingredient because it is known as a drying ingredient. 9/10


Sweater in the front, blouse in the back by Primark

Black and white sweater blouse

Over-sized orange and white sweater by Primark

Orange over sized sweater

2-in-1  (as I like to call them) sweater-cuffed boots. Amazon. I’m in love.

Sweater cuff boots

My go-to combo of the past winter. I over-wore these two things this winter. My comfortable black boots with my warm leggings (with fur inside). Top that with a sweatshirt (and a jacket of course) and you have a comfy warm and laid back winter outfit for everyday errands.

Black boots with floral leggings


A little book that I read in December. I liked the book and it was very quick and easy to read.


Hope you enjoyed!


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