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Read This Before You Fast


Why Fast?

I have learnt that fasting can be a great way to stop a chronic sin.                                 ” All you need is what the bible prescribed. . . . FASTING! Turn your plate over and stop eating for a few days and watch you desires change. You will no longer desire what you were desiring, but you will be in submission to yourself! Your flesh will only desire food and all other desires will be gone. And if you can stay clear of that sin for 21 days, then you are free and the desire will be gone for good. It is scientifically proven that it takes 21 days to break a habit.”- G Craig Lewis, founder of EX ministries

My grandmother used to to fast for weeks at a time to pray for a certain purpose or to simply thank God for something.

Fasting is also a great way to listen to God and get closer to Him especially if you’re in a phase where you’re trying to find yourself in Christ.

Be prepared for all kinds of temptation

Now, I’m a big lover of food so I had always known that fasting wasn’t for me. But there came a time where I felt I had to. That was really hard. The first day started off fantastic and I started thinking: “Maybe this fasting thing isn’t that hard after all.” Boy, was I wrong.

This particular time was the time where my mom started cooking my favorite food, where people just started randomly offering me food, where I smelled French Fries at the bus stop (every day!), where the cupboard full of junk food started talking to me, calling my name… (sigh).

A way to fight this is to stay strong! Remind yourself why you are doing this in the first place. Which leads me to my next question.

Why am I doing this again?

You will probably start feeling sorry for yourself and maybe think of giving up all together but remember why you are doing this. It is something between you and God and He will be so proud of you for completing what you started. You will be proud of yourself too by the way.

Fasting or just not eating?

The reasons you are fasting may be different but at the end of the day we are trying to get closer to God. While just sitting there and not eating may help you lose some weight, you will get a lot more out of your fast if you combined it with prayer and meditation. I think of it as feeding your spirit while others feed their flesh. You can use meal time as prayer time, read the bible on your phone, say a silent prayer here and there, whatever you please, but connect with the Lord.

Fasting is normally supposed to be kept on the low (Matthew 6:18) but I obviously had to let my family know why I wasn’t eating and I did not get everybody’s approval. So don’t be surprised if the same thing happens to you.

Fasting can also help to appreciate the little things. For the anecdote – when I was fasting, I had a cup of tea one night and it was the best cup of tea I had ever had in my life! A simple cup of tea! That I had been taking for granted for years! That helped me realize how blessed I actually am because in this life we take way too many things for granted.

The road will get tough but just remember, where there is a will, there is a way. God has given you everything you need in order to end this fast and benefit from it so don’t let anyone, even yourself, tell you otherwise.

Do you think turning away from food is an insult to the less fortunate that don’t have it?

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