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Five Facts About Sebum

What is sebum?

Sebum is the the natural oil that your body produces to moisturize and waterproof/protect your skin. image

1. No sebum on palms and soles of your feet.

There are no sebaceous glands on those areas. That explains why they are prone to dryness and sometimes feel like sandpaper. A tip would be to soften things up down there with a pumice stone like I do (feet not hands, well I’ve never tried it on my hands) and/or foot cream.

2. Sebum excess = acne <=>  Lack of sebum = dry skin/ hair 

That is why people with oily skin tend to have more acne, but people with dry skin can have acne too.

3. Hormones effect sebaceous gland activity

An example would be that some girls get breakouts on their periods.

4. The pores on your nose store more oil/ grease = sebum 

5.  Sebum and sloughed skin cells cover newborn babies 

This waxy substance covers the babies so they won’t come out wrinkled from the watery womb.

Have you ever used pumice stone on your hands? Did you know the fact about babies?

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