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First Post|What To Expect

In honor of my first post I will be explaining exactly what this blog will be about and what I plan to achieve with it.

liegeguilleminsMy relationship with Christ will be a big part of this blog. Join me on my journey as I explicate lessons, struggles and everything I come across on this road. By doing this I want to inspire and motivate. I also want to let my fellow lovers of Christ know that they are not alone. Tips, advice and of course my opinion on certain topics will be shared.

schoolhallHair! I am a big hair care enthusiast so I will be documenting my hair journey and those of my family members. Tips, hairstyles, product reviews and all things you can get from a typical hair amateur will be included.

flexirodshairBeauty! Make-up and skincare. I am still learning but I’m really eager and ready to discover.

Other things cettepetitezed. I might throw in things that are not mentioned above that I really enjoy like fashion, fitness or just random shenanigans. Be blessed, inspired and grow with me.

God bless


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